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As one of Austin’s original medical spas, TOC Medical Spa provides expert personalized solutions for restoring and maintaining healthy skin. All injectable treatments are provided by registered nurses and all laser/facial treatments are provided by medical aestheticians under the supervision of our TOC physicians.


Ultherapy utilizes highly focused ultrasound energy, delivered in pulses of varying depths to different layers of tissue, to stimulate increased collagen production, which in turn causes a tightening of skin tissue and reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. This FDA-approved device bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver energy safely and precisely to the area where it will be most beneficial. There is no downtime, and improvement begins to show within a few months.   



Q: How does Ultherapy work?

A: Ultherapy generates a thermal effect under the external skin by using microfocused ultrasound to target the specific depths needed for increased collagen production and tissue repair. The Ultherapy handpiece is fitted with a transducer that delivers the energy to the appropriate depth or site even as its position and action is visualized on the Ultherapy machine’s screen. A conductive gel is used between the handpiece and the surface of the skin to allow for a smooth transfer of energy and accurate visualization during the procedure. Immediately following Ultherapy treatment, the skin returns to normal temperature and appearance. Over the next three to six months the skin can be seen to appear more rejuvenated as the increase in collagen translates to better texture and suppleness of the treated skin. Ultherapy is FDA approved for treatment of facial, neck, and chest areas.

Q: How long do the benefits of Ultherapy last?

A: The changes produced in the tissues after Ultherapy continue to be improving for around six months. At that point, the rate of collagen production stabilizes to its pre-treatment level. Obviously the aging process will continue undisturbed at its biologically intrinsic rate unless further treatment to the area is undertaken or some health or external condition changes.

Q:What areas can benefit from Ultherapy?

A: While Ultherapy can be and is used off-label for skin in many areas of the body, it has FDA approval for use in facial, neck, and chest areas according to the treatment guidelines.

Q: Is Ultherapy painful?

A: Because Ultherapy works by creating a thermal effect, a sensation of heat is delivered with each pulse of energy. The extent of discomfort varies with the individual, with the specific area being treated, and with the length of treatment time (i.e. the size of the area being treated). Typically, smaller areas of treatment, or sessions targeting areas like the brow, lips, jowls etc are very well tolerated with very minimal discomfort. For larger areas like full face, neck or chest, we often recommend additional measures to reduce discomfort.

Q: How is discomfort minimized?

A: At TOC we use several measures to help manage discomfort. A compounded topical anesthetic cream is applied and allowed to incubate for half an hour. During the procedure a Zimmer air chiller is used to provide a cooling sensation, and nitrous oxide is available if desired via the ProNox system. There is no additional fee for these measures. If desired, medication to reduce anxiety/help manage discomfort may also be prescribed in advance. Please talk with your provider at your consultation about what will be optimal for you in consideration of the planned treatment area.

Not sure what you need, but want to chat with an aesthetic provider? Give us a call at 512.533.7317 or by requesting a complimentary consultation below.


All procedures are performed under direct supervision of TOC Eye and Face Physicians.



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